The shipyard offers a range of the following services:
Engineering Services - Electrical servicing,
Generator set,
On-board Fittings,
Engine overhaul,
Rudder system,
& Propeller.
Ship Repairs - Ship carpentry,
Hull cleaning
Hull plating,
Surface preparation,
Sandblasting & Painting service,
Hull anodes replacement,
Yard & General Services - Dry-docking,
launching / retrieving,
Wharf facilities,
Workshop facilities,
Water /electricity supply,
Tug assistance
& Piloting.
OUR SHIPYARD In 1994, PT. Mitratirta Lokalestari (MTLL) com- menced building a shipyard, about 600 metres from Talang Duku Port in Jambi. The shipyard was developed to undertake repair & maintenance work for the company's ever expanding fleet and to offer its customers a more cost effective and competitive service.

During its first few years, the shipyard developed its expertise by focusing on the repair & maintenance business. In 1999, the five years of experience was harnessed to successfully build and launch the first tugboat. Since that time, the majority of the company's tugboats have been built by PT. MTLL shipyard itself.

In December 2007, a second shipyard was completed. The shipyard has a 270 metre slipway, which is one of the longest in the South Sumatra, with a capacity of simultaneously handling two 250 feet barges.
"Today, both shipyards are well equip- ped with a concrete wharf, work- shops, lifting equipment (cranes & forklifts), excavators & other material handling equipment." The workshops provide lathe machines that are capable of handling shafts of up to 12 metre.