ABOUT US PT. Mitratirta Lokalestari (MTLL) is a shipping & marine services company based in the southern Sumatra province of Jambi in Indonesia. Our primary business is to carry cargo for customers from point to point in the region of Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. PT. MTLL, established in 1989, has deve- loped rapidly from a small company with two tugboat & barge sets to become an important player with a significant fleet in the region of South Sumatra. Apart from FREIGHT charters, PT. MTLL charters out its fleet on both TIME and BAREBOAT charters. PT. MTLL achieved its success by working dynamically to suit the needs of its customers. PT. MTLL owns two shipyards for ship building, repair & maintenance. These ship- yards give the company the competitive edge, making its provision of services to customers more reliable and flexible. The shipyards offer their customers cost effective and high quality ship repair.